In his new book, "The God Haters", Dr. Boys asserts that this is the most serious attack upon America’s homes and churches in a hundred years, yet the issue is still “under the radar” of all the pro-family groups. The author has gone on record as never permitting anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances to tell him what he can preach or teach. He declares that it is everyone’s right to believe and preach whatever he believes and likewise he has a right to oppose those who are determined to drive a stake through the heart of God and change America forever.

  • After reading the new crop of books by abrasive, angry, asinine atheists, I usually closed their scribbling efforts and said, “Is this the best these pitiful people can do to inflict harm upon our churches and claim their superiority over us and declare so authoritatively that God does not exist!” I would be embarrassed to put my name on a book filled with antiquated charges that have been answered for hundreds of years.

  • A lie is still a lie if everyone believes it and the truth is the truth if no one believes it.

  • The New Atheists declared war against Christians, the Churches and Christ and here is one American who will oppose it if it means persecution, prosecution, and prison.

    –Don Boys, PhD