Atheists vs. The Pious

Miron Zuckerman, a University of Rochester psychologist, conducted a study using a century’s worth of information, which measured religiosity and intelligence.

The oldest study was dated in the 1920’s. Majority of the studies show that the more intelligent the person is, the more likely he lacks religiosity.

This is one of the common perceptions when it comes to Atheists, who are people who do not believe in God or religion in general (basically the opposite of the Pious).

In truth, Atheists are quite an interesting demographic, with many interesting facts associated with them as a whole.

Let’s talk about how they fit into the concept of religion and how they compare with their more religious counterparts.

Religion is an Instinct

When a person gets stressed, they react differently.

A religious person would pray to God and seek guidance.

If a negative event occurs, he would think that it happens for a reason, because all things happen for a good reason, for those who love God, as stated in Saint Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

An atheist, however, would believe that it happens because of different factors.

If he fails an exam, it’s because he didn’t study hard.

If he loses his job, it’s because he didn’t perform well, or the boss just didn’t like him.

But this isn’t always true.

Atheists Are Rational

Atheists think they’re smart because they always have a basis for everything.

If I say God created the heaven and the earth, the animals, and humans, atheists would ask for proof.

Of course, we can never prove that.

Hence, they believe that the universe was formed because of the singularity of the universe’s matter, space-time, and energy began to expand and explode.

Although this is just a theory, they believe it more because it has a scientific basis.

Atheists would also claim that humans evolved from monkeys, as opposed to what religious people believe in.

Religious people believe that God created Adam and Eve, the first people on earth, on the sixth day.

On the contrary, atheists stick with the theory of evolution whenever they explain the origin of mankind, because they have a basis of evolution while religious people cannot prove how men were created.

But then, if men evolved from monkeys, how is it possible that monkeys still exist?

Also, how is it possible that we have never witnessed monkeys evolving into humans in the past century?

Religious People Are Poor

One factor that affects education is a person’s wealth.

The richer a person is, the more opportunities there is for him.

Based on research, the most religious countries are poorer and are less urbanized.

This means that they have lower education levels.

This also means that they are less exposed to electronic media which helps increase their intelligence.

Atheists, on the other hand, don’t have these problems.

Most of them are successful and they can be found in the field of law, science, politics, etc.

They are exposed to social conditions correlated the loss of religious beliefs.

Are Atheists Really Smart?

We cannot easily say that atheists are smart, while religious people are idiots.

It is not true that a religious person is less intelligent than an atheist.

As a matter of fact, there are theories that many atheists believe in, which are ridiculous.

The flying spaghetti monster, Flat Earth, the Theory of Evolution, and the Big Bang Theory are just one of them.

A person’s intelligence is affected by the environment he lives in, and not because of his religious beliefs.