How Religion Makes You A Better Person

When you think of good people in this world, what do you think of?

Police officers, firemen, Mothers, volunteer workers, but dore religious people go through your mind at any point during those thoughts?

If not, they should, here is why.

When you are raised in a religious family or upbringing, you tend to hang around a different style of people these people are what help you develop your personality, when you are building you who are, these are your roots, when you are following the statue of a higher word, making sure that you do not sin and strictly live by the ten commandments, you are naturally going to be a better person, not because you are religious, but because you are following a strict code of life.

For example, you will not cheat when you are in a relationship, you will not lie to friends, family, girlfriend/boyfriend, you will not steal from someone else, you will not idolize someone who is a bad role model, you will love other people and do onto them that you would want done back to you.

If you have ever been around Catholic people or inside of a Catholic church, then you will see what I am talking about first hand, they are very strong willed to live their entire lives surrounded by the word of God.

They would die for what they believe in, even if they are standing alone because they know that when they think they are alone, God is always standing there beside them.

They try to help drug addicts and alcoholics stay clean and find the word of God, by paying for their treatment.

Some Catholic churches even hold their own rehab center inside of the church itself.

When there are homeless people that need food in order to survive, many Catholic churches take it upon themselves to give said homeless people that nourishment in their time of need.

And when they are not helping other people outside of the holy walls, Catholic churches are even known to shelter the homeless,  offering a safe place for all walks of life, giving them something to believe in, even when the rest of the world seems bleak and stale.

They are so trusting of their neighbors and the people who also have devoted their entire lives to God, that they leave the church doors open twenty-four seven encase someone needs a space to go that is filled with love and is safe.

They are known for holding school as well, ensuring parents of the faith that they will be raised with the highest standards of God, not just in the church itself, but in school as well.

When you are raised in a religious background you are ninety percent more likely to be a naturally better person than someone who was not raised in the same background as you.

No, this does not mean that the other people are bad people, it just means that they were brought up in a different environment.

Having said that though, it is clear that when you are raised with a religious background, you are typically a better person overall.