God Haters | Shallow, Silly, Sarcastic | New Atheists Are Tyrants

Childish Name-Callers | God Haters Put Up Straw Men

Chapter One:  Angry Atheists Can’t be Trusted
Atheist Attacks On Early Church | God Haters Look For Reasons To Hate The Bible | Bible Problems Often Easily Answered | Atheists Are Shameless | There Are Bible Problems No Dodging Hard Issues | Fall Of Jericho | Kill Everyone | Conversion Of Rahab Justice In Israel | Barnyard Morals | Some Answers | Does The Bible Promote Slavery? | Jonah and the Whale | Can Nothing Create Anything? | Atheists Believe Nothing Was The Creator! | Big Bang Or Big God! | Some Unanswered Questions | Atheists Without Character

Chapter Two:  The Pagan Christ Written by a Modern Pagan?
Ancient Egyptian Texts | Lack Of Scholarship | More Suspicious Scholarship | Looking To Egypt | No Evidence | Facts Prove Him Wrong | Bad Information About Egypt | True Scholars Deal With Egypt | King David And Solomon | Luke’s Mistake | Wrong Again Loss Of Credibility

Chapter Three:  The Gospel According to Bart Ehrman
Problems In Mark | Another Mistake In Mark | Ancient Scribes Were The Problem | His Many Mistakes | John Was Wrong About Adulterous Woman | Last Twelve Verses Of Mark Don’t Belong In Bible | John’s Mistakes | Lord, Liar, Lunatic, Or Legend | Gospels Have Major Problems | Bigotry, Not Scholarship | Ehrman’s Sincerity | Back In Paul’s Day | Scribes, Good And Bad | Correcting Scribes | Erasmus

Chapter Four:  Pathetic Preacher Dies in Unbelief!
World’s Largest Youth Rally | Secret Doubts | Unbelief | Numerous Errors | Dishonesty Total Fabrication | Global Flood | Chuck And The Old And New Testaments | Christ Called “Mary’s Little Bastard”! | Discrepancies | An Explanation | Old Argument And Answer | Attack On Christianity | God Blamed For Solomon And Jephthah | Doubts And Death

Chapter Five:  Thomas Paine is a Pain
The Masterpiece | Confused Writer | Paine, Washington, And Adams | Old Criticisms Some Of Paine’s Mistakes | Major Mistakes About Satan | Sloppy Research | Desperate Criticism | Nonsense | Paine Takes On Moses | Sabbath, Dan, And Kings | Problems Maybe Paine Could Not Read! | Everything In The Bible Is Not True | Oldest Book In The Bible | No Big Deal | Attacks On The New Testament | Paine Shows His Weakness | Dates Of New Testament Books | Not Stupid Bible But Stupid Paine

Chapter Six:  Some Mistakes of Moses
Slavery | No Place Like Israel | Killing Everyone Was Not Standard | Bob’s Many Blunders Bob Hated Preachers | Continued Harangue Of Preachers | All Church Members Not Christians | Hatred Of Bible | What About Creation? | Questions For Atheists | Answers For Ingersoll | Moses Was Not Mistaken | More Mistakes Of Ingersoll | Ancient Scientists Sarcasm | Creation | Worldwide Flood | Ingersoll’s Blunders | Bob Bombed Bigtime Eloquent Bungling | The Last Of Robert Ingersoll

Chapter Seven:  Why I am Not a Christian
What About The Universe? | God Started Everything | Sin, Sorrow, Sickness | Russell Christians Are Hypocrites | Did Christ Ever Live? | More Proof Of Christ | Christ and Hell | God Is A Bully | Kill Even Women And Children! | Vicious Time In World History Attack On Churches | Atheists Object To Bible Morality | World Needs A Redeemer | The Galileo Affair | Orders From Rome | Galileo Was A Troubled Man

Chapter Eight:  The Dawkins Deception
Even Atheists Don’t Like Dawkins! | World’s Most Famous Atheist | Is Dawkins A Liar? | Poor Scholarship Or Dishonesty | Dawkins And Creationists | Dawkins’ Buddies: Hitler, Stalin, Mao | Torture And Murder | Decent Society | Dawkins’ Opinion | Nonsense | The Fanatic | Death And Christ | Off The Rails | Dawkins’ Hatchet | Selfish Genes | Devil’s Chaplain | Pathetic | Nietzsche | The Theologian | The Greatest Show On Earth

Chapter Nine:  The Dawkins Delusion
None Dare Call It Censorship | Persecution By Evolutionists | An Honest Evolutionist! | Professor Of Hypocrisy | Unfair, Unkind, Unscholarly | Pagan Preachers | No Design | DNA Is A Code | The DNA In One Body Would Reach To The Sun! | Hiding From The Designer | Intelligent Design | No Place For God Of The Bible | Evolution | Appalling Ignorance | Thousands Of Scientists Smile At Dawkins | Famous Scientists Critical Of Evolution | Evolutionists Are Mythmakers | Evolution Is A What? | Evolution: A Fairy Story For Adults | The Cambrian | The Dating Game Now A Guessing Game | Miller’s Experiment Dismissed

Chapter Ten:  Hitchens Hitched His Wagon to the Wrong Star!
Lack Of Morals | Provocation | Blame Religion | Einstein’s Mistake | His Memoir Is Dull And Dirty | Name Dropping | Not A Historian | Hitchens Can’t Be Trusted | Major Mistakes | Hitchens Wrong–Boys Right! | Hitch Chases Rabbits | No Fear And Contempt For Women | Atheists Can Not Be Trusted | Astronomers For God | Physicists For God | Wrong, Wrong, Wrong | Sin Was Sin Before The Ten Commandments | His Mistakes Are Embarrassing | Bible Does Not Recommend Genocide, Slavery, And Genital Mutilation| Wild, Wicked World | New Testament Not Reliable | Chris Doesn’t Like Hell | Luke Right–Hitchens Wrong | Atheists Want Control Of Your Child

Chapter Eleven:  Daniel Dennett, Intellectual Hero?
Fools, Fanatics, And Fakers | Angry, Asinine, Arrogant | Scientific Dissent From Darwinism | Mutations Don’t Produce Evolution | Defects, Deformity, Disease, And Death Evolutionists: Homo Ignoramus | Dangerous Religion | Prohibit Bible Teaching Even In Homes | They Declare Religion Must Be Controlled

Chapter Twelve:  The End of Sam Harris
Shameless Not Stupid | Enforce Old Testament Rules Today | An Embarrassment To Honest Atheists | Eastern Mysticism | Harris Steps In It Again | Reasonable Point He Starts With Mistakes | Fear Of Death | Christ Changed My Life And Made It Worthwhile | Harris Endorses Mysticism! | Meet Some Mystics | Well Known Mystic| Spooky Mystic | Evangelicals Endorse Mystics | Gnostic Mysticism | All Religion Is Bad | Open To Mysticism But Not Creationism | Bible Believing Christians Don’t Teach Violence | Harris Has Terminal Brain Rot | Atheists Are Bigoted And Hateful | Atheists Have No Proof | Harris A Troubled Man | Pure Atheism | No Virgin Birth | Did Christ Consider Himself Divine? | Joseph Was Not His Father | Bible Affirms Sex | Fulfilled Prophecy Proves God’s Existence | Atheists Are Tightwads And Losers | Believers Are Healthier Than Atheists! | Atheists Are For World Government | Atheists Killed More People Than Theists | Atheists Are Mean

Chapter Thirteen:  Atheist David Mills Shoots from His Lip!
Mills Does Not See The Big Picture | Atheists’ Losing Argument | Mills’ Misunderstands
Supported Porn | Hell Not Comforting | Tough Issues | Who Caused God? | Deep, Deep Doo Doo | Distorts Christ | Historical Mistakes | Pagans Prove Christ’s Life And Death | No Witch Burning In America | More And More Mistakes | Wrong About A Flat Earth | Evolution’s Peppered Moths | Archaeopteryx Not Missing Link | Long Living Humans Proved | Unicorns Were Real | Dragons And Missing Links | Astronomers Disagree With Mills | Mills Doesn’t Know About Fundamentalism

Chapter Fourteen:  God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists!
Atheists: Unfair, Untrue, Unkind, And Unreliable | Why Did Flew Fly The Atheist Coop? | Another Famous Atheist Jumps Ship | Malice, Mistakes, Mishmash In Atheist Books | Atheists: Bluffing, Bragging, Bluster, And Bravado | Difference In Fact And Opinion | Something Out Of Nothing | Famous Scientists Embarrassed | Rebellion Against A Sovereign God | Atheists Not Honest, Fair, Or Balanced | Christian Kindness Militate Against Atheists And Evolutionists | Atheistic Evolution A Failure | No Basis For Morality | Atheists Are Uninformed Whiners | Atheists Will Kill Religion | The Bible Works

Things To Remember | They Stood But It Cost Them | No Atheist Or Government Will Control Me | A Final Challenge | Put Up Or Shut Up