The Importance Of Going To Church

Trends and moral erosion could be held as the main culprits to why a majority of churchgoers has continued to dwindle over time.

But there are other factors that have influenced people to stop attending church especially among the millennials.

With the economy and hardships of this century, most people would rather cuddle up and recuperate from the hassles and stress of the past week.

Guilt has shrunk and even though these people have no god hate in their souls, they have pretty much become nominal Christians.

The points below, however, will highlight the importance of attending church and hopefully, make you reconsider your decision of staying at home on those cozy Sundays.

1. It’s obedience to the scriptures

Acts 20:7 states clearly that, you should meet up with Christians at least once per week.

In the book of Hebrew, it’s, also stated that believers should make their meetings regular in order to keep the fellowship strong among them.

And if making it to church becomes impossible maybe because one is ailing or for any other viable reason, the fellowship should be brought to the homes.

2. To keep the faith strong

The further one stays away from the church, the higher the chances of losing their faith.

Going to church reminds you of God’s love, and gives you strength in case your faith gets bruised in the course of the week.

3. Partake in holy communion

Some people may claim that the ‘church’ does not necessarily mean the house of worship and assume as Jesus said that the church is in oneself.

Although this is true, attending church is important because you take part in some important occasions like receiving the holy communion, which is a requirement for any faithful Christian.

4. You receive support

Having a day out with family sounds all fun until you find yourself in a sticky situation that might need a holding hand.

The church is a good avenue for support.

When you attend church regularly you start to look at members as your second family.

They genuinely care about you and you reciprocate to other members in their time of need.

5. We grow better if we remain together

Finally yet importantly, when people come together they motivate each other to get better and grow stronger.

This is no different to Christians.

Attending church will make your faith grow and you will be able to overcome temptations as your roots become more firm in Christ.

6. Reminds you of the end times

Going to church will keep you on toes reminding you constantly about the second coming of Christ and therefore urging you to stay put and keep your heart prepared for the rapture day.

The bottom line is, there are a million reasons why skipping Church may sound cool, but the outcome may be perilous to your faith.

With all the distractions that may divert your focus from the cross, strain to remain a faithful Church attender, push yourself beyond the limit putting your eyes on the reward promised to those who will keep the sabbath day holy.