Why We Need God In Our Lives

Today many people are focused on money, fame, power, business, etc. But what does God have to do with all these things? Why is God so important in our lives? Most people believe that God created the world and everything in it. He then allowed us to look after the world and live in it. So what is the use of God?

Answer: The world has become corrupt and more wicked because of the sin of Lucifer. Satan has stolen the glory which God gave Jesus Christ. He wanted to rival God and now has the power to do everything that he ever wanted.

So how important is God in our lives? The very fact that God allowed us to look after the world, to earn our money and store it safely, shows that He is extremely important to our lives.

corrupted human hearts need redeeming souls. Those who have tasted and seen the love of God and the Kingdom of Heaven, and have repented their sins, return to Heaven. The speed is too fast too slow. People without God’s grace cannot participate in the opening of Heaven and see God’s Kingdom.

People with corrupted hearts are not qualified to lift up anyone else’s head. People without God’s grace cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. A drop of water in the face of a dog, which can cause harm, is not interesting. It is the drops of water hitting off each other that is important.

God is important in our lives and the lives of those around us. When we realize that this life is not about us, but the love of God, we live a better life. When we realize that this life is about God, about His love being known through His creation, we enjoy a more enjoyable and fulfilling life that will be remembered for ages to come.

The greatest impact of the good news of the Lord is the resulting love that teaches kindness and humanity. As a loving parent, when I see my children make a mistake, I forgive them and help them to learn from their mistakes. While they remain in my life, I will teach them the method of forgiveness so that they will mature in this life and other life.

The most rewarding and pleasing reward a child will receive for expressing their gratitude to their parents, is happiness in their heart. When a child understands the value of gratitude, he learns the content of what is not important in life. He will develop the happiness in his heart and show it in all he does.

Gratitude always leads to contentment, satisfaction and joy in the home. In the end, it delivers a peaceful heart and peaceful home. If you want your home to be a wonderful place to live, then show your gratitude to your home by expressing it in the way you live your life.

All of these benefits come from not just feeling God’s presence in your everyday life, but acting upon it. And that is why each and every one of us so desperately needs God in our lives.